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TK Water sport offers only the very best in equipment:
Hyperlite, Liquid Force, CWB, Phase 5, Rip Curl, Connelly are some of the top name brands of our equipment. Inventory is replaced often to keep up to date. If you like what you have been renting from us buy it from our sponsers after you are done. We have what ever you need for your next water sports or boating adventure.
Waver Runner Sea Doo GTI

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Try one of our full body wet suits and extend your time in the water making early mornings and evening not feel so bac in the water, rent one of pull tubes and go extreme tubing with your bodies, & don't forget to try wake surfing on our New Pase 5 Surf Boards

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Rentals for 2010 Season

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Sea Doo GTI WaverunnerPersonal Water Craft
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130 3 Waver Runner Sea Doo GTI $150 $900
Sea Doo RXT 215Personal Water Craft
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215 3 Waver Runner Sea Doo GTI $180 $1080
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Enzo SV230/240
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Water Sports Equipment Rental | Boating Equipment Rentals

Water Sports Equipment

Water Sports Equipment | Boating Equipment Rentals Daily
Large Wakeboard - Liquid Force Trip 142 w/boot Size 8-12 30.00 180.00
Small Wakeboard - Liquid Force Trip 134 w/boot Size 5-8 30.00 180.00
Womens Wakeboard - Hyperlite Syn w/CWE Tiffany boots Size 4-9 30.00 180.00
High Profile Wakeboard - Liquid Force Witness 140 w/Ultraboot Size 10-12 50.00 300.00
Knee Board - HO Neutron Kneeboard 25.00 150.00
Large Wake board - Liquid Force Trip 142 w/boot Size 8-12 30.00 180.00
Wakeskate - Anthem 42" Wakeskate 25.00 150.00
High End Wake Surfer - Phase 5 Drew Daniel Carbon Large 60.00 240.00
Wake Surfer - Venture 5'6" Wakesurf Board 30.00 150.00
All Purpose Rope - Proline Upstart Rope Package 10.00 60.00
Nice Wakeboard Rope - Proline LG Rope Package 15.00 70.00
USCG Vests - CWB Essential Vest 10.00 60.00
Kid Vests - Liquid Force Nemesis Vests (infant - Youth) 8.00 35.00
Full Body Wet Suits - Rip Curl Classic Full Suits 10.00 60.00
Water Tramploline 125.00 750.00
Connely pull tubes - Connelly Convertable with rope 25.00 150.00
Connely pull tubes - Connelly Swept Wing with rope 25.00 150.00
Connely pull tubes - Connelly Aquaglide GT6 Tube 6 riders with rope 60.00 300.00

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