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Wakesurfing Surf an Endless Wave

WakeSurf with TK Watersports:
TK Watersports offers Wake surfing lessons, instruction, sessions or full service Watersports charters. TK Watersports uses the best in Wake surfing equipment featuring Centurion Enzo with extra ballast and switch blade. We are you Wake Surfing connection.

Wakesurfing is low impact
Wake surfing is great for old and Young alike, low impact and high on the fun. Wake surfing is easy to learn, easier than learning surf on the ocean. Now you don’t have to live by the coast to be a surfer. Many ocean surfers find wake surfing great practice for catching those big ocean waves and learn agility and balance. Low-impact Sport, unlike wakeboarding or water skiing wake surfing is a low impact sport meaning the falls cause less stress and damage to your body since the boat is only going 9-14 miles per hours. TK Watersports offers Utah Wake Surf lessons, instruction and wake surf camps for groups or individuals.

Catch the Wave Wakesurfing
Imagine riding a wave on a surf board that never quits, a never ending wave. Centurion offers the best wake surf wave in the industry try our centurion boat loaded with ballast and the switch blade the best wake inhancement technology available today

Boat Set Up: Weight the boat on the side you are going to be surfing on, empty any ballast you have on the opposite side and put all people in the boat in the corner and side you surfing on. The boat will be tipped or floating lopsided.

Clean up the wave: Try to achieve a clean wave like the ocean with little whitewash but creating curl at the top of the wave. If you have a wakeplate or switch blade adjust until the shape looks the best. You speed should be between 10-12 mph.

Creating the Wave: The boat and how it is weighted is key in creating a great wave. Wake surfing should only be done off an inboard style boat. Do not try wake surfing on out board boats or inboard/outboard style boats. Some boats are better than others and each boat has a lot of variables that can be fine tunes to create the best possible wave. Most boats create a better wave on the left side due to the prop rotation. This gives an advantage to regular footed surfers. You can surf on either side of the boat and some boats have features to support both goofy footed and regular foot riders. TK Water sports wake surf boats are equipped with the sideswipe feature allowing at a push of a button the exhaust to be pushed to either side of the boat perfect for wakesurfers.
Wakesurf lessons

Free instruction included in all Watersports charters, join us on Utah lake for our Wakesurf sessions

Don’t have a boat??? Don’t need one come join us on your favorite lake. Take advantage of our wakesurf packages for the summer.

Wakesurf lessons | Wakesurf Sessions

TK WATERSPORTS will help you get up and catch the wave for the first time or help you get to the next level. Nothing moves you forward like time on the water.

Single Sessions | Group Sesssion | Packages
Activity Personal 2 Riders 3 Riders
Wakeboarding $175/hr/personal $250//3hr/2 riders 350/4hr/3 riders
Water Ski $175/hr/personal $250//3hr/2 riders  
Wake Surf $175/hr/personal $250//3hr/2 riders  
Kneeboarding $175/hr/personal $250//3hr/2 riders  
Group 4 Minimum $85 per rider  
Session Packages 5 Sessions/$750 plus gas 10 Sessions/$1500 plus gas  
Pricing for Local Utah lakes travel and delivery charges may apply

Boat equipt for Surfing switch blade and Enzo Sacks
If you haven’t ever been in a Centurion Enzo with Surf Pakcage, then you are seriously missing out.  With just the press of a button, the switch blade will change the size and shape of the wake, making it way easier to switch between sports like wakesurfing, wakeboarding, and wakeskating.  For wakeboarding, the switch blade will kick up a nice lippy wake and, while surfing, the blade scoops the water into a perfect curl. What more could you ask for. TK WATERSPORTS will help you get up and catch the wave for the first time or help you get to the next level. Nothing moves you forward like time on the water.

Utah Wake Surf Camp
Last summer  we joined M&M Watersports attending there the first ever Drew Danielo Wakesurfing Clinic.  The 5-time World Wakesurfing Champion, Drew Danielo came from Venice, Florida as part of the M&M Watersports team, for a week of wakesurfing instruction, tips, techniques and FUN.

Riders, young and old, from beginner to advanced, took advantage of a full day of professional instruction behind the same boats that pull the World Wakesurfing Championships.  Right and left hand rotating Centurion boats were provided to accommodate both goofy and regular riders.  Students were instructed; they then had plenty of time riding to put into practice the things they learned.  The clinic was a huge success and, due to popular demand, it will back again this summer. 

Wake surf boats
Your Wakesurf Lessons or Wakesurf Charter

Will be full service and will include:

  • Professional Wakeboarding, Skiing, wake Surfing Boats
  • CWB & Hyperlite Equipment
  • Driver /Instructor
  • Lessons and Instruction
  • Life Vest/Wet Suit if needed
  • You leave all the work to us take the hassles out of boat ownership
  • Tunes for Wakeboarding 2400 watt stereo system, wake enhance system ,(switch blade for surfing)
  • Drivers/Instructors are certified Emergency Wilderness First Responder and certified at CPR first aid.

Let us provide your next safe water sport event. Please call for a free estimate!