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At TK Watersports we take pride in offering the best in personal watercraft, waverunners, jet skis and boat rentals. You can rent on our personal watercraft with a wet suit,tube,and skis in one of our water sports packages and enjoy an unforgetable ride. All of our watercraft are 130 HP or more and are 3 seater big enough to pull a tube or wakeboarder. We maintain high standards for performance making sure you have a reliable watercraft for you Utah Outdoor Aventure.
Waver Runner Sea Doo Wake 155 rental
Waver Runner Sea Doo Wake Pro 215 Rental Utah

         Sea Doo Wake Pro 215                                            Sea Doo Wake 155

New Sea Doo Wake Pro 215: The Sea Doo WAKE PRO 215 add more to you water sports tow experience with a supercharged engine. The hull has added stabilty for towing wakeskaters, wakeboarders and tuber. Many added features cruise with tow settings, rack for boards and pull pylon. This is a great Jet Ski Rental for a water sports tow.

Sea Doo Wake 155: Sea Doo Wake 155 is designed for watersport and pulling in mind. This wave runner is designed to make water sports as great as you imagined with added features such as added ski modes, cruise control, ski pylon keeping rope high out of the water makeing pulling easy.

Sea Doo GTI 130: You will notice a form fitting narrow center for more comfertable riding. The seating is super padded and is comfortable for hours. There is room for three on the Sea Doo GTI and has enough get up and go to pull a tube wakeboarder or water skier. Utah County location some New 2012 machines with reverse and braking option.

Is a boat out of the budget? Rent a 4 stroke wave-runner or jet ski and pull a tube or towable, wakeboard rider, water skier or even kneeboarder behind a Sea Doo Wake 155 or Sea Doo Wake Pro 215, or our budget Sea Doo GTI 130 for only $160 per day at Utah County & Salt Lake City locations and only $225 at Lake Powell Offsite locations. On the water at Lake Powell Marina pricing would apply at $375.00 per day.

Northern Utah Prices - Waverunner Rentals & Jet Ski Rentals for 2014 Season

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Sea Doo Wake Pro 215
Utah Waverunner / Jet Ski
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215 3 Waver Runner Sea Doo GTI 130 Rental $245 $1,395
Sea Doo GTI 130
Utah Waverunner / Jet Ski
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130 3 Jet Ski Sea Doo GTI Rentals $185 $1,050
Sea Doo Wake 155
Utah Jet Ski / Waverunner
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155 3 Waver Runner Sea Doo Wake 155 Rental $205 $1,200
Sea Doo Sparks
Trixx/Sparks Pair
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155 3 Waver Runner Sea Doo Wake 155 Rental $165 $910
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Multipl Day Pricing
VIP Rentals Wake Pull
Utah Lake Quick Pulls
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Wake or Wake Pro
Sea Doo 155-215
3 Wave runner Rentals Utah TBA Utah Lake

Personal Water Craft for pulling | Sea Doo Wake Pro Rentals

Personal Water Craft for Pulling - The Sea-Doo WAKEPRO215 and WAKE 155 is the optimal tow watercraft, with the 215 you have a supercharged engine for maximum towing power. The hull was special designed for more stability. The models are loaded with extras to make towing and water sports more enjoyable such as a retractable ski pilon with spotter handles helping keep tow rope out of the water and way from the intake grate. Don't forget about the board rack and cruise ski settings and controls.

Northern Utah Sea Doo Waverunner Rental Pricing
Sea Doo Wave Runner 1 days 2 days 3 days 4 days 5 days 6 days 7 days 7 Plus
Sea Doo GTI - Single $185 $180 $175 $170 $165 $160 $150 $150
Sea Doo GTI - Pair $370 $360 $350 $340 $330 $320 $300 $300
Wake 155 - Single $205 $200 $195 $195 $190 $185 $180 $180
Wake 155 - Pair $410 $400 $390 $390 $380 $375 $360 $360
Wake Pro 215 - Single $250 $245 $240 $240 $235 $225 $200 $200
Wake Pro 215 - Pair $450 $440 $430 $430 $420 $410 $400 $400
Sea Doo Sparks/Trixx Pair 325 320 315 275 270 265 265 260

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