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Centurion Ri245 Premium Wakeboard Surf Boat

Centurion Ri245 Rental

The Centurion Ri245 is our top of the line wakesurf boat and our Preimer offering for those who are interested in only the best. This boat offers some of the best wake surf waves in the world. Waves that are bigger Longer and more powerful that can be customized to fit each rider and experience level. Opti V Hull help create the surf waves and cut through rough water condtions like a champ.


24' 6"

Beam 102"

Draft 36"

Fuel Capacity: 89 gal

Seating: Seating 16 + Max Ballast

Boat Ballast 5600 lbs

Trailer: tandum trailer with 2 5/16

Engine: 409 ft STD Torque 500 ft Max Torque

Boat Weight 5700 lbs

The Centurion Ri245 Produces long powerful surf waves and is equipped with the Opti-V Hull helps with producing wave and takes rough water well. Ramfil ballast and plug-n-play allowing for over 5,650 lbs of ballast depending on the boat. To shape the wave to be perfect for each rider you will have a StingerPlate and Quicksurf Pro Plates.

Smooth Ride Slices through rough waves and chop with the Opti-V hull.

REVO SXS Dash - Duel 10" Screen High Tech system easy to navigate

This is the Ulitmate Surf boat producing best surf waves in the industry with the extra size for a fairly large group. If you want to surf on the best surf boat possible this is the boat for you.