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Personal Watercraft onsite in the water at Wahweap or Bullfrog Lake powell

Jet Ski, waverunner, PWC, Sea Doo rentals for lake powell

Personal Watercraft Rental

Seat 2, 4 stroke engine, great cruising machine to visit fun parts of the lake. This machine has a 350 weight limit. Not ideal for pulling. Great machines for one or two day rentals. These PWC rentals are located on the water at Wahweap and Bullfrog Marinas at Lake Powell

May 1st - June 4th | Daily Rate: $299

June 5th - August 9th | Daily Rate: $359

August 20th - October 31st | Daily Rate: $309

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Off Site - Wave Runner- Jet Ski - Sea doo Rentals for Lake Powell

We have available for personal watercraft rentals at lake Powell high end PWC's with pulling features such as pulling modes, sports modes for speed, more power, retractible pylon for pulling, these are bigger bodies machines. They ride rough water a Lake Powell much better than entry level machines. They have Stereos, wow! tunes on the water.

Off site machines have to be delivered and pick up and may have an addtional charge for this service.

PWC Rental Set up for Pulling Wakboarders, Wake Skaters and Tubers

Sea Doo Wake Pro 230 jet ski rental for Utah, Arizona, Nevada & Wyoming offered by TK Watersports

Offsite -Sea Doo Wake Pro 230

Offered for Lake Powell a Sea Doo WAKE PRO 230 waverunnner rental. Add more to you water sports tow experience with a supercharged engine. The hull has added stabilty for towing wakeskaters, wakeboarders and tuber. Many added features cruise with tow settings, rack for boards and retractable pull pylon. This is a great Jet Ski Rental for a water sports tow. Equipped a stereo systems for Tunes what more can you want for playing on Lake Powell.

Single Wake Pro 230: 1-day: $325 | 2-day: $260 | 3-day $255 | 4-day $255 | 5-day $252 | 6/7 day: $242

Pair Wake Pro 230's: 1-day: $540 | 2-day: $520 | 3-day $510 | 4-day $510 | 5-day: $505 | 6/7 day: $495

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Sea Doo Set up for Pulling Wakboarder, Wake Skaters and Tubers

Utah waverunner rental, sea doo's top Lake powell jet ski rental

Sea Doo Wake 170 - Offsite

Sea Doo Wake 170: Sea Doo Wake 170 is designed for watersports and pulling in mind. This Lake Powell wave runner rental is designed to make water sports as great as you imagined with added features such as added ski modes, cruise control, ski pylon keeping rope high out of the water makeing pulling easy.

Single Sea Doo Wake 170: 1-day: $237 | 2-day: $232 | 3-day $225 | 4-day $225 | 5-day $222 | 6/7 day: $220

Pair Sea Doo Wake 170: 1-day: $485 | 2-day: $465 | 3-day $455 | 4-day $550 | 5-day: $445 | 6/7 day: $435

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For Lake Powell Rental - Sea Doo Fish Pro 170

Personal watercraft rental in Utah, lake powells number one PWC rental

Lake Powell PWC, Jet SKi Rentals

Sea Doo Fish Pro 170

This fishing addtion and has added features for fishing with stereo, pulling pylon option and Cruise.  Offered as a Lake Powell rental.

This Sea Doo is the Fish Pro Addtion targets both the personal Watercraft and the fishing enthusiast. With its Rotax 1630 ACE 230 hp Engine it produces impressive power and torque with great fuel economy. This model is paired with a Sea Doo Wake 170.

Single Sea Doo Wake 170: 1-day: $237 | 2-day: $232 | 3-day $225 | 4-day $225 | 5-day $222 | 6/7 day: $220

Pair Sea Doo Wake 170 & Sea Doo Fishpro 170 : 1-day: $485 | 2-day: $465 | 3-day $455 | 4-day $550 | 5-day: $445 | 6/7 day: $435

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Lake Powell rental a Sea Doo 3 seater persoanl watercraft

waverunner rental Sea Doo GTi 130 great choice for a PWC rental

Sea Doo GTI 130 - Off Site

Sea Doo GTI 130 offered for Lake Powell rental: You will notice a form fitting narrow center for more comfertable riding. The seating is super padded and is comfortable for hours. There is room for three on the Sea Doo GTI and has enough get up and go to pull a tube wakeboarder or water skier. Sea Doo features reverse and breaking option for better contral and sports mode for quicker acceleration.

Single Sea Doo Wake 170: 1-day: $207 | 2-day: $202 | 3-day $195 | 4-day $190 | 5-day $185 | 6/7 day: $180

Pair Sea Doo Wake 170: 1-day: $414 | 2-day: $404 | 3-day $390 | 4-day $380 | 5-day: $360 | 6/7 day: $350

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Top of the Line Featured boat - Centerion Ri245

Utah rental boat a Centurion Ri245  the perfect Lake Powell surf boat rental, power boat rentals

Centuion Ri245 - Surf the best

There is not a better backdrop for watersports in the world than Lake Powell and not a better surf boat. Combined them to create the ulitmate water experience.

Jet Ski, Waverunner, PWC, Sea Doo rentals Lake powell

TK Watersports has tried to offer for Lake Powell personal watercraft rentals and give as many options as possible. Some on the water more convienent, and options for upgrated fast machines with pulling features most of these machines are offsite. For those that want to play with kids and the go fishing later we have added the Sea Doo Fish Pro 170. Many of the upgraded machines have stereo systems with blue tooth for toons on the water, now thats crazy cool.

Rentals for Lake Powell - Specialty Machines include: Sea Doo Wake 170, Sea Doo Wake Pro 230, Sea Doo Fish Pro 170's