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Utah's #1 Boat Rental Company

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Centurion Ri245 Wakeboard surf boatCenturion Ri245 Wakboard wakesurf boat rental


length: 24'6 Seating :16+ - Ballast 5650 lbs - Fuel: 89 gal - Quicksurf/Ramfil

This boat is our top of the line wakeboard wake surf boat rental. This boat packs 5650 to 5800 pounds of ballast combined with the quick surf system, surf plates creating the ultimate surf wave the industry offers. 


Daily Rates
3+ Days: $1,650 5+ Days: $1,450  7+ Days: $1350


Centurion Fi 23 Wakeboard surf boatCenturion Fi23 Wake Surf Boat Rental

length: 23' Seating :14 - Ballast 4800 lbs - Fuel: 81 gal - Quicksurf/Ramfil

World Class wakes for wake surfing and wakeboarding. Rides great in rough water. This boat has Ramfil, Quick surf, surf plates sporting 5300 pounds of ballast. 

Daily Rates
3+ Days: $1,150 5+ Days: $1,050  7+ Days: $950
Centurion Ri237 Wakeboard surf boat
length: 24' - Seating :16 - Ballast: 4850 lbs - Fuel: 70 gal  Quicksurf/Ramfil
This boat is the ultimate party machine for wakeboarding, wake surfing and that occational skiier. Ramfil, quick surf, surf plates and CATS
Daily Rates
3+ Days: $1,150.00 5+ Days: $1050.00  7+ Days: $950.00


Supreme S240
length: 24' - Seating :16 - Ballast 4850 lbs - Fuel: 70 gal - Quicksurf/Ramfil
This boat has all the features of a great wakeboard surf boat but packages it to make it the most user friendly boat for renters.
Daily Rates
3+ Days: $1,050 5+ Days: $950  7+ Days: $899


Axis Wake A24
Axis A24 Wakeboard rental boat
length: 24' - Seating :15 - Ballast 4850 lbs - Fuel: 76 gal - Plug N Play
Daily Rates
3+ Days: $1,050 5+ Days: $950  7+ Days: $899

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TK Watersports Featured Rental

Utah rental boat a Centurion Ri245, priemer offering

Rent our New Centurion Ri245

TK Watersports Featured boat

Offering for the Ultimate water experience wake surfing wakeboarding on a Centurion Ri245. This boat creates some of the longest most powerful surf waves in the world produced by a boat. Centurion used that latest in wake enhancement technology on all there boats and this boat is loaded.

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