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Watersport Charter Boats

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Water Sport Charter Boats | V.I.P Rental Boats

Centurion Fi 23 wakeboard boat rental &  Surf boat for rent on Lake Powell

Centurion and Supremes Boats

Watersports Charters and VIP Rentals are done on Centurion & Supeme World Class Tow boats. Most of the charters are done on a Centurion Fi 23 with the Wake Surf enhancement features such as quick surf, and surf plates, with Ramil fill and plug and play ballast . Some other models that can be used are the Centurion Ri245, Fi23 or Supreme S240.

Charters boats always have great sound systems - Huge part of the watersports experience.

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V.I.P Rentals | Watersports Charters

For those who may be unsure of operating their own vessel or just want to enjoy a day of water sports without the hassles of operating the boat, this may be the package for you. Available for half day rentals or full day. All the toys included along with instructor, driver. Great for large or small groups. Half days available at Utah Lake, Deer Creek or Jordanelle.

Hassle Free - Don't have a boat, don't need one come join us for a hassle free boating experience let our crews do all the work. Enjoy all the watersports equipment being provided for you.

When the day is done leave us with the boat and and we will do all the wipedown and cleanup and you will be on your way.

Featured Surf Boat Rental - World Class Wake Surf Wave

Utah rental boat a Centurion Ri245  the perfect Lake Powell surf boat rental, power boat rentals

Centuion Ri245

Wakesurf Wakeboard Boat Rental

Length 24'7 | Beam 102 | Seating 16 + plus max ballast | Ballast 5700 | Fuel 89 gal | Weight 5,700 lbs | Weight on Trailer 7,300

TK Watersports is now offering the best in Wakeboard Wakesurf boats to those who want the best experince in wake surfing. Ride the endless wake on one our world class Centurion Ri245's. You won't settle for 2nd best with this boat.

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