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Utah's #1 Boat Rental Company For Premium Wakesurf & Wakeboard Boat Rentals
Utah's #1 Boat Rental Company
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  • Sea Doo Fish Pro 170 Jet Ski Rental
    May 21, 2023

    Sea Doo Fish Pro 170 Jet Ski Rental

    Sea Doo Fish Pro 170 rental has been added to our inventory as an attempt to broaden our scope of options for our personal watercraft renters. This PWC rental is for those who love to go fishing. This is the first dedicated fishing model giving our serious Anglers more of what they want.

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  • Lake Powell Boat Launching
    April 9, 2023

    Lake Powell Boat Launching

    Lake Powell Current Launching Condtions

    Lake Powell is always changing because of the waterflow in and out of the lake. Number of years of drought the lake was at is lowest. Now the Lake is receiving a generous amount of runoff and filling and changing status of a number of launching locations on the Lake.
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Wakesurf boat setup

Set up the boat to get the best wave possible on your rental

Renting From TK Watersports

Why TK Watersports for your rental needs?

We have been in business for over 16 years now and have watched
rental companies come and go. Most companies last 3-4 years and then fade out
of the picture.  We have discovered their
is a delicate balance of trying to achieve 100% customer satisfaction and great
policies that protect both parties. All this while making sure the equipment is taken care of so that we can continue to offer great rental product day in and day out.

Our Goal is to Bring you the best wakeboard boats wake surf
boats and Personal water craft to rent.

We have focused over the years on what the marinas and others
don’t offer. Most rental companies try to offer entry level products with very
little features in order to make things easy for them to manage. Less features
less problems is how they see it. We have focused on nicer boats with cutting
edge technology with the best in wake enhancement features. The problem has
always been suppling the client with nicer rentals but trying to keep it affordable.

Striving for a rental process that is detailed but user friendly.

A rental process that is very detailed yet user friendly
with rental documents being done prior to rental through DocuSign. Also we have created
delivery videos to educate and inform client of equipment, usage policies and

Our focus is offering you the best boats and personal watercraft possible for rentals.

World Class Wakeboard Surf boats to rent.

Pulling Personal Watercraft to rent.

Nicer fishing boats for rent.

Fishing Personal Watercraft for rent.

We are dedicated to continue to look for new equipment and
better ways to offer our service so that we can continue to offer a great
product for rent for as many locations as possible.