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Utah's #1 Boat Rental Company For Premium Wakesurf & Wakeboard Boat Rentals
Utah's #1 Boat Rental Company

Surf Lake Powell Wake Surf Boat Rentals

Lake Powell Wakesurf boat rentals. TK Watersports is offering world class wakesurf boats for Lake Powell for rent. Wakesurfing is our specialty, want the best try one our Centurion Ri245's or Centurion Fi230. On a buget Supreme S240 wakesurf, wakeboard boat is your rental. Wake addtion Sea Doo's design for pulling and New Sea Doo Fishpro Sport.


Lake Powell's Premier Boat Rental Company - Offers New

Utah rental boat a Centurion Ri245, priemer offering

New Centuion Ri245 - Lake Powell Boat Rental

Wakesurf Wakeboard Boat Rental - Lake Powell

Length 24'7 | Beam 102 | Seating 16 + plus max ballast | Ballast 5700 | Fuel 89 gal | Weight 5,700 lbs | Weight on Trailer 7,300

TK Watersports is now offering for Lake Powell the best in Wakeboard Wakesurf boats to those who want the best experince in wake surfing. Ride the endless wake on one our world class Centurion Ri245's. You won't settle for 2nd best with this boat.

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Ride the endless wave on waters of Lake Powell

Centurion Fi 23 wakeboard Surf boat for rent on Lake Powell

Centurion Fi23 - Lake Powell Boat Rental

Length: 23 | Bem 102" | Ballast 5300 | Weight 5,300 | Weight on Trailer: 6,900 lbs | Fuel Tank: 89 Gal | Seating: 14+ Max Ballast

3+ Days: $1050 - 5+ Days: $950 - 7+ Days: $875

World class wakes for wakesurfing and wakeboarding. Rides great in rough water. This boat has ramfill, Quick Surf, and center stinger plate, sporting 5300 pounds of ballest.

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Lake Powell Wake Surf Wakeboard boat that is the most user freindly

 Try this Supreme S240 wakeboard wakesurf boat rental at Lake Powell

Supreme S240 - Lake Powell Boat Rental

Wakeboard Wakesurf Boat Rental

Length: 23 | Bem 102" | Ballast 5300 | Weight 5,300 | Weight on Trailer: 6,900 lbs | Fuel Tank: 89 Gal | Seating: 14+ Max Ballast

3+ Days: $950 - 5+ Days: $850 - 7+ Days: $750

This boat has all the features needed for a great surf boat with the ease of use. This Boat is the most user friendly boat to cut down on hassles of use during rental.

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This Centurion Wakesurf boat available for purchase end of Season

World class wake surf boat rental for lake powell on a Centurion Ri2337

Centurion Ri237 - Lake Powell Boat Rental

Wakeboard Surf Boat Rental

Length: 24 | Bem 102" | Ballast 5300 | Weight 5,300 | Weight on Trailer: 6,900 lbs | Fuel Tank: 89 Gal | Seating: 16+ Max Ballast | Engine: PSM H5DI

3+ Days: 1150 - 5+ Days: $988 - 7+ Days: $875

This boat is the ultimate party machine for Lake Powell great for wakboarding, wake surfing and ski. Ramfil, Quick Surf, Surf plates and CATS. Lake Powell making the perfect back drop for pictures.

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Classical Styled Wakeboard Surf Boat Rental

Classic Centurion Vi24 for rent at Lake Powell, wakeboard boat.

Centuruion Vi24 - Lake Powell Surf Boat Rental

Wakesurf Wakeboard boat rental for Lake Powell

Length: 24 | Seating: 15 | Ballast: 4800 lbs Fuel Capacity: 63 gal | Opti-V Hull

3+ Daily: $1150 - 5+ Daily: $1050 - 7+ Daily: $975

This boat is a sleek design wakesurf wakeboard boat equipped with ramfil, quick surf, and surf plates for wake enhancement.

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Wake Surf Centurion with a TK watersports rental

Wakesurf on Lake Powell with a Centruion SV233 boat rental

Sold - Centurion Enzo SV233

Wake Surf Boat Rental

Length 23' | Beam 102 | Seating 14 | Egnine: PCM AR 409 6.0 L MFi

This boat for its size is a wake suring machine equipt with a wake enhancement package

Lake Powell is the place to surf on the Axis A24

Lake Powell Rental boats Axis A-24

Axis Wake A24 -Lake Powell Wakesurf Boat Rental

Wakeboard Ski Boat Rental

Length 24' | Beam 102 | Seating 15 | Engine: Monsoon M6Di

3+ Days: $899 - 5+ Days: $850 - 7+ Days: $800

The Epic is for serious watersports enthusiast on a budget.

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Surf Lake Powell with a TK Watersports Rental

TK Watersports is your Surf Boat Specialist

We have been providing wakesurf, wakeboard boats for 16 plus years and have grown with industry as the the popularity of Wakesurfing sky rocketed. Wakesurfng is the watersport that now drives the industry in producing boats designed for watersports. We continue to strive to bring you as many options as we can, for those on a tighter budget and for those who simply want the best wakesurf boat the industry has to offer.

Most rental companies focus on renting boats with the least amount of features keeping the rentals easier for them to manage. TK Watersports approach has been simple offering the best wakesurf boats, wakeboard boats at the best price that we can.

Call us we are always excited to share our experince and knowlege about Lake Powell, boating, wakesurfing, wakeboarding water skiing and all watersports.

VIP Boat Rentals Watersports Charters on Lake Powell

Lake Powell Watersports Charters  on Centurion Boats

Hastle Free Watersports Charters VIP Rentals Lake Powell

Small or Large Groups-Reunions-Private

All Charters are done on one of of world class wakesurf boats. Watersports instruction and lessons free and all equippment is included.

Small groups 6 people 1/2 day: $950 plus gas | Full days: 1,250 plus gas | Large gourps 6 or more people 1,450 plus gas | Business Retreats 1,450 plus gas