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Supreme S240 Wakeboard Surf Boat

Supreme S240 Boat Rental

The Supreme S240 is very spacious making it a great boat for larger groups and has all the wake enhancement features but very simplified. We love this boat as a rental because it is so user freindly. With the EZ-V and Quick Surf System this helps burn less fuel than other tow boats while wake surfing.


Length: 24"

Beam: 102"

Draft: 36"

Fuel Capacity:

Seating: Seating: 14 + Max Ballast

Ballast 4800 lbs

Trailer: Tandum trailer with 2 5/16 hitch


Boat Weight 5700

The Supreme S240 Produces long powerful surf waves and is equipped with the Deep-V Hull. Quickfill ballast and plug-n-play allowing for over 4,800 lbs of ballast depending on the boat. To shape the wave to be perfect for each rider you will have a Stinger Plate and Quicksurf Pro Plates.

Fill up all the ballast and simply press "Surf Left" or "Surf Right" Finish shaping the wave with silent stinger plate and Quicksurf Systems.

This boat is the perfect rental boat because it has all the features for wake enhancement for a great surf wave but is very user friendy. The Omni vission Touch Screen with GPS cruise contral, ballast, audio controls are simple and easy to use.

This boat has a Deep-V hu.ll design and cuts through big waves in rough water.

Most user freindly rental boat on the fleet. Great for large groups room in the boat for plenty of passengers.