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Lake Powell's #1 Boat Rental Company 801-367-0668

Watersports Charters V.I.P. Rentals

Watersports Charters, VIP Rentals no hassle

Offering wakeboard, water ski, water sports boat charters.. All Sessions include  Boat Captain & Professional Wakeboarding Waterskiing instructor.

Guests can bring their own equipment that that is taylored for them. Charter boats are done on the best in wakeboard surf boats. Free instruction is included all of our watersports charters.

Hassle Free - The beauty of of the charters is it is a hassle free boating experience. Don't have a boat, don't need one just show up and have fun. 

VIP Boat Rentals / Watersports Charters

Charter your rental boat and let one of our professional drivers handle the work. More than ideal for those that may be unsure of operating their own vessel or just want a day on the water with out the hassles of operating a boat and keeping everyone going having fun. Avoid the stress and liablity of caring for an expensive boat and spend more time enjoying the day on the water


 Wakeboard | Wake Surf | Water Ski | kneeboard | Tube

Boat - Daily Weekly
Watersports Charter - 6 People or less  $1,295 plus gas $950 1/2 day Call for Bid
Large Groups  $1,495 plus gas $1050 1/2 day Call for Bid
Business Retreats 1,595 plus gas Call for Bid


Watersports Charters V.I.P Rentals will include

  • World class wakeboarding, Wake Surf, Ski boats
  • All equipment boards, wakeboards, wake surf boards, knee boards, skis, pull tubes live vests, music and tunes, wake enhancement systems
  • Driver  / Instructor
  • Hassle free watersports boating day leave the work to us
  • No clean up of the boat or trailering of the boat
  • Instruction included let us get you to the next level

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Lake Locations

Watersports beginning or More Advanced

Wake surfing rental boat set up for the best surf wave possible

Wake Surfing

Learn how to wakesurf for the first time or for more adanced riders get to the next level or land a trick you have been stuck on .

wakeboarding instruciton all levels


We can get you to the next level

Driving for Watersports

How to Drive

How to drive for Wakeboarding, Sufing and Skiing.

TK Watersports Featured Rental

Utah rental boat a Centurion Ri245  the perfect Lake Powell surf boat rental, power boat rentals

Rent our New Centurion Ri245

TK Watersports Featured boat

Offering for the Ultimate water experience wake surfing wakeboarding on a Centurion Ri245. This boat creates some of the longest most powerful surf waves in the world produced by a boat. Centurion used that latest in wake enhancement technology on all there boats and this boat is loaded.

Reserve this boat or....... More info