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Lake Powell Boat Launching

Lake Powell Boat Launching

Lake Powell Latest Runoff reports - Looking great

Due to a high snowpack creating a higher spring runoff for Lake Powell for the 2023 boating season. Reports have been uggesting  1 ft perday is coming into the lake, this has bee varified by renters and staff that have already visited the lake. This is all very positive for all of us boaters however when there is a lot of water coming into the lake it brings with it a lot of debre so be care full. 

April 8, 2023 - TK Watersports staff visited the south side of the lake and used the launch ramp at Wahweap area (State Line New Axilary Ramp). We chose to visit the lake at its lowest point before season starts so we can educate our clients as to current condtions. While there we watched all sizes of water craft access and use the ramp, large power boats, wakeboard boats and house boats. Water levels came up even during the time we were there but lake has come up recently 2 ft even without having received 2023 runoff. 

2023 will bring significant water run off so lake powell will come up as the Season progresses

The lake is the lowest we have seen it in the last 10 years however it is still Lake Powell with the same beautiful western backdrop. In planning your trip to Lake Powell make sure you account for launching locations and extra time needed to get to different locations on the lake many of the short cuts are no longer accessible.

Wahweap Stateling Auxiliary Ramp - Available
There may be partial lane closures for construction. Prepare all boats in the Stateline Main Ramp parking lot before accessing the auxiliary ramp. Boat launch and retrieval will only occur on installed boiler plate materials and the useable area will be marked. The lake is comming up and by time regular boating season is in full swing plates won't be needed.

Bullfrog North Launch Ramp -  Available
Operational for houseboats and larger vessels until lake levels reach 3529 ft. and operational for smaller vessels until elevation 3525 ft.  A courtesy dock is available at the ramp.

Bullfrog Main Spur Launch - The spur is currently open watch for floating debre from rising water levels.

bullfrog Spur Launching Area Lake PowellMain Launch Ramp Bullfrog Marina Lake Powell June 4, 2023

BullFrog Main: This ramp is currently open to all vessels there is a lot of debre surrounding edges and patches in the water. Be extra carefull on the lake as a whole with quickly rising waters there will be derbre floating through out the lake but fingers and closer to edges extra caution is advised.

Dangling Rop Marina Mid Lake - is closed fuel can be purchase on the Lake at Wahweap, Bullfrog and Antelope Point Marinas.

Antelope Point Public Launch Ramp - This ramp is closed and water levels will have to come up alot for it to be usable

Antelope Point Business Ramp - Service unavailable. contact valet services for more infomration about when vessels can be accommodated. This service was available 2022 season, could become availabe as season progresses and the lake receieves runoff water.

Hall Crossing Launch Ramp - Currently inoperable ramps, closed to motorized vessels. Available for paddlecraft Launching only 

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